Dj Fadelf | About Fadelf
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About Fadelf

"Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale

As a young man growing up Dj Fadelf always knew he would be involved with all aspects of music. He Started off as a singer/songwriter when he was 9, in a group called 4-U with his cousins and then transpired into the world of D.Jing by 11. It all began when he was able to mix at one of his Mothers gatherings. While controlling the crowd with two tape decks, Fadelf realized he found his passion and the rest was history. Unable to afford a full d.j set Fadelf would practice his craft with one turntable and blend the few records he had with music videos on t.v. During his down time Fadelf would listen and study the likes of Kool Herc, Jam Master Jay, Kid Capri, Larry Levan, Jazzy Jeff and Grand Master Flash.

DJ FADELF, The Hempstead, Long Island native has rocked crowds all over the globe from Bahamas, Japan, Paris, Germany, Jamaica, Spain, Kansas, Berlin, Belgium, Switzerland, Brussels, Las Vegas, L.A, Miami, Kuwait, Chicago, Canada, Atlanta, Detroit and hometown N.Y. Whether it’s a huge concert venue, a small lounge, or a corporate event, DJ FA-DELF has mastered it; not just spinning a record but controlling the atmosphere, knowing that there’s more to an event than just playing music. There are few DJ’s that can produce the electric energy that DJ FADELF does in the club. When he rocks the crowd you can feel the intensity and passion he has for the music. Whether its a trendy club or Madison Square Garden with an arena of thousands, there is no crowd he can’t handle. As the owner of Luxe Sound Entertainment, an Professional Dj Services that caters to everything from Weddings, Sweet 16s to Corporate affairs; DJ Fadelf understands and prides himself on giving a skillful production to every event he takes on.

DJ Fadelf, is a member and Artist of the HipRokSoul band Guitars N Bandanaz and the official D.J for Three time Grammy Award winning group The Product G&B (known for the hit “Maria Maria” with Carlos Santana and several other gold hits). He has also been the backing DJ for platinum producers The Heatmakerz, HipRock Muzik artist Mitsue, Platinum Producer Boola, Ourbit the Label recording artist Shalone and Black Hand Hip-Hop Artist NAT. FADELF is also a songwriter and model, that has had billboards displayed in New York and Munich displaying such work. Fadelf is also part owner and lead songwriter for HipRokSoul Music Group. As a member and creator of the A-TEAM DJ’S and A-TEAM LIVE radio show via DTFRADIO.COM, THE FLEET DJs, Elite Sound Entertainment DJ’s, he is one of New York’s and Atlanta’s hottest, buzz worthy, forces to be reckoned with.